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Entertainment & Nightlife in Bangladesh


Nightlife in Bangladesh is nearly non-existent. Being a Muslim country, alcohol is frowned upon and found mostly in the international clubs and pricier restaurants in Dhaka and in some restaurants in tourist centres like Cox's Bazaar. In Teknaf and on Saint Martins Island you may stumble upon the occasional beer smuggled in from Myanmar. Some of the nicest hotels in the cities have fully equipped bars with exaggerated prices to match.

However, for a small local percentage of upper middle class citizens mostly living in Dhaka, nightlife is not only abundant but also quite enjoyable. Places such as the International Club (IC), Privilege, PM Lounge regularly have invite only parties and you will have almost no problems getting in given you are foreign. Tourists from places such as USA, Netharlands, UK, etc, will have almost no problems getting something to drink in Dhaka as there are clubs run by citizens of their own nationality.

A number of Bangladesh hotels are fully developed to cater for the needs of the average tourist. Besides basic accommodation, they include conference facilities, recreational activities, health services and evening entertainment. You may well be able to find a casino, a disco, a bar or pub and maybe even a movie theatre at one or more hotels. These cater mainly to tourists so you will not find too many locals frequenting these places. If you want to get out and about, you may be able to enjoy an evening meal at one of the fine restaurants. It is a good idea to go early, however, since most restaurants are not open till very late.


There is a party network between the different expatriate clubs (Dutch Club, Canadian Club, Scandinavian Club, International Club, American Club, etc) and some Bangladeshi clubs (Heritage, Privilege, etc). These clubs usually require membership to enter, or befriend a member and have them sign you in. From there, you can purchase a book of tickets or a cash card and then use it to order your drinks.

Although alcohol is most easily available at the international clubs and top hotels, there are quite a few local places to find a drink for the enterprising traveler. Local bars are to be found in most neighbourhoods but can be difficult to locate due to lack of advertising. Popular brands of beer (Heineken, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Foster's etc) and major types of liquor are available at these places, and at much lower prices than at hotel bars.

Coffee, like the rest of the world, is a perennial middle-class adda (gossip) accompaniment in this city. A favourite haunt for coffee-lovers is Coffeeworld. Most coffee aficionados here rate their 'Caramel Macchiato' better than the plain Starbucks variety and cheaper to boot (about $2).





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